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Mixing and Mastering By Jerusalem Beats

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Mixing and Mastering By Jerusalem Beats

Online mixing and mastering  services. Wherever you’re in the world you can send us your music for mixing and mastering via our Online SSL Mixing service. Take a listen to our latest mixes Buy Beats Online

Our SSL console was responsible for more platinum selling albums worldwide than all other consoles combined! It is still the console of choice for some of the world’s biggest mix engineers. The SSL sound is heard on countless hit albums, so much so that it’s become the sound of success. If you want your album or EP to sound ‘like a hit record’ you’ll do yourself a huge favour by having it mixed here on our amazing SSL console. As well as our amazing SSL desk, we have world class K&H and industry standard NS10 monitoring and a great range of boutique outboard, compressors and reverbs. One thing’s for sure … we’ll make your mixes amazing and radio ready!!



Please contact us so we can discuss your requirements and talk you through the preparation of your project files.

It’s ideal if you can send us your consolidated or bounced audio files as .WAV or .AIFF files, preferably at 24bit rate.
16bit / 44.1k is OK but the higher the quality of the files you send us, the better job we can do for you.




The idea is to render each track in your project down to individual .wav files so that your audio can be sent to us with every track exactly the same length, with all your edits joined together, and any soft synths or VI’s bounced to audio. Although it might look like each track is already one audio file, in most cases, they will be made up from lots of takes and your DAW software handles linking them all together to look like one seamless track. It’s vitally important that when you bounce down your audio files you select all the files in your project, from the very start of the project file – otherwise we’ll end up with missing tracks that start part way into your tune.

Also – in most cases you SHOULD NOT apply any plug-in EQ, compression or reverb to any of your tracks. Before you consolidate or bounce your files, please disable all plug-ins!! After all – you’re sending the raw audio to us to mix – so let us decide what needs doing to it.



Want the sound of your mixes to match up with your favorite band? Just send us 2 or 3 tracks that you’d like us to reference to. This can be very useful in making sure we understand the direction you want to go in.

Again, any questions please give us a call and we’ll walk you through it!

Go to the contact page to start the ball rolling!